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Restaurant Review: Baja Cactus


Restaurant review: One of my favorite Mexican dishes is tortilla soup. This might have been the best I’ve ever enjoyed! This one had right amount of veggies and fresh tortilla strips and the best broth ever. Other guests devoured their mole chicken enchiladas, verde enchiladas, Sonoran grilled steak. Awesome chips and salsa and virgin margaritas! Next time I’m back in Temecula, I’m totally going back!

Restaurant Review: Temecula Valley Cheese Co


Cheese sampler platter from the Temecula Valley Cheese Co

Cave aged Gruyere from Alpine, Swiss and Brebis aged sheep milk cheese from Spain. Dried apricot, olives, apple, berries and sourdough bread Wow! Heavenly creamy goodness.

Restaurant Review: Tin Fish


Restaurant review: After a few hours playing at the beach, a calamari sandwich and green salad hits the spot for lunch. Kids #menu offers some great options like popcorn shrimp or burger with crisscut fries, juice box and applesauce. The other adults enjoyed oyster poorboy and grilled swordfish sandwich. Really tasty entrees in sunny outdoor #venue. I’m missing the beach and ready to go back again!

Restaurant Review: SLC Winter Farmers Market

watermelon radish

Reason to love Utah No. 5: Winter Farmer’s Market. Every other Saturday at the Rio Grande by Gateway Mall 10am-2pm. Amazing selection of veggies, fruit, baked goods, cheese, pasta, chocolate, flowers and more!

Restaurant Review: Pawit’s Royal Thai Cuisine

pawits thai

Restaurant review: Finally made it to Pawit’s Royal Thai Cuisine in Holladay, Utah. Fantastic #fresh Thai dishes! We enjoyed curry puffs and sticky rice with peanut sauce for appetizers. Their house green salad was huge and a whole sliced mango (I saved some for dessert). The Tom Kha soup is on the sweet side, but lots of veggies. The Spicy Tofu dish is fantastic… Plenty of veggies and the sauce has some kick! If you want the “real” Sriracha, ask for it on the side… Use sparingly, unless you like your taste buds fried. Great restaurant for date night, family meals out or business lunch. Kind and helpful wait staff. Make sure to check out the bathroom…

Restaurant Review: Finca

Restaurant review: Finca is a little slice of Spanish divine cuisine in Sugar House. Met a friend for business lunch to discuss my upcoming trip to Spain (stay tuned for awesome restaurant reviews in late December). James Gehrke is quite the foodie too, so I knew this would be an epicurean delight! When I showed us, he had the cheese and fruit platter already at the table. Nibbling on almonds, grapes, manchego cheese, crispy toasts and dried fruits, we asked the helpful waitress for suggestions. She highly recommended a tapas assortment since it was both our first time there. We enjoyed sardines on creamy cheese spread with sauteed onions and bellpeppers… an explosion of salty creamy sweetness. Wow. The moist meatballs, albondigas, floating in a creamy tomato sauce were mildly spiced but oh so delicious! Garbanzo beans with chard and butternut squash was a wonderful autumn inspired vegan dish. My favorite dish was the roasted brussel sprouts… My mouth is watering again thinking about that dish. Totally looking forward to returning for dinner sometime soon. Simply put into one word: fantastic.

Product Review: Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice Granola

pumpkin spice granola

Product review: I love a good healthy granola but don’t often make the time to bake my own. Since it’s the Fall season, thought I’d try Trader Joes Pumpkin Spice Granola. After cutting up a peach and pouring homemade almond milk, I left the bowl for a few minutes to take care of something, by the time I got back to it the granola was mostly soft and mushy. Tuck! Not my favorite as I prefer the crunch of a good firm granola mixture. Probably won’t get this one again.

Product Review: Trader Joe’s Masala Simmer Sauce and Westsoy Seitan

Trader Joes Masala

Product review: Gotta love Trader Joe’s sauces that allow for a quick cook meal. Their Indian sauces are some of my favorites, especially the Masala Simmer Sauce. This was my first time cooking seitan and it was delicious and the texture was like a soft chicken. Simmering the seitan in the masala was a snap. Served over basmatirice made for a quick and easy vegan dinner that even @glttrgrl enjoyed! I look forward to cooking with Seitan again.

Restaurant Review: Blue Fish


Halloween dinner out calls for sushi! Thanks to Urban Spoon, was reminded about this Japanese restaurant in The District. Right now they have a happy hour special of 2 rolls with an appetizer for only $25. Enjoyed the veggie tempura starter with mango tango and ecstasy rolls. The Ecstasy roll was a winner with hint of spice and lime slice for citrus punch. Great customer service with friendly staff. Quick food prep kept the dinner moving along nicely. Being two doors down from the movie theater, great spot for #date night. Seating comfortable for two-somes to large groups. Overall, a great spot with some unique sushi offerings at reasonable prices.