Holy good food, Batman!

If you find yourself in Roscoe, a suburb north of Chicago, you MUST go to Orange. The breakfast was amazing!

We started off the meal with Frushi – this is sushi made only of fruit and rice. Apples were Julienne sliced like cucumbers would be in the center of a real fish sushi roll. Slices of watermelon like tuna sashimi. The dipping sauces were blended fruit concoctions. So beautiful! Didn’t want to eat! But that didn’t stop us!

I ordered a custom-made fruit juice. Order slips on the table where you choose from a long list of options what you want in your fruit juice. I did cucumber, carrot, peach and mango. The flavors revealed themselves in my mouth one-by-one. Wow. A little pricey, but worth the experience to have the juice.

My host, Terri had the Chai French Toast. Even though I don’t drink Chai tea, I had to try a little bite. Ohhh man. An explosion of sweetness with the earthy-ness of tea. She swears by that dish and gets every time she goes to Orange.

My corned beef and potato hash had an assortment of spices that I couldn’t quite make out, but it was delicious! Egg made to order on top – of course I ordered it fried because can’t stand the running yolk. An interesting side of green salad with balsamic dressing made the dish more like lunch or dinner, but I found it refreshing.

I can’t thank Terri enough for taking me to Orange. I think I’ll be telling a lot of people about this little gem in Roscoe. Seriously, go. You will be so happy you did.


About Jennifer Armitstead

Jennifer Armitstead is a career coach and coporate talent consultant. She helps people be their best at work. She supports companies by developing strong teams through recruiting, training and coaching. For more information about Jennifer: http://MovingForwardSolutions.com

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