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Introducing friends to a great restaurant is one of my favorite outings. I first went to Em’s with Marilyn – it was her birthday dinner choice. I’d hadn’t heard of Em’s before – but now after going and mentioning it to others – I find that few people know of this gem. In a way, that is good because the busier Em’s becomes, the harder it is to get a reservation.

For appetizer we enjoyed the heavenly smoked salmon and crab rolls. You MUST try these. Wow. Our friends even ordered another serving to go. Yeah, it’s that good.

Salads were fresh and light. A nice way to clear the palate before the entrées.

I had the lobster and prawn Brazilian gumbo. The coconut milk was a surprising under lying flavor to the seasonings.

Bruce had the pork chop. I didn’t try a bite, but it looked really tender and juicy. Might have to try myself next time.

Carolyn had the salmon with creamed cabbage. I had to taste her cabbage – it was like butter. Devine.

Klint had the short rib. Fall-off-the-fork goodness. Might have been the best entrée of the night.

When you plan to attend Em’s, make sure to call for a reservation a few days in advance. Typically you’ll leave a voicemail and then they’ll call you back.


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  1. Carolyn says:

    Found the blog with google’s help. Couldn’t wait for your email 😉 I will definitely try some of your recipes they look great. Btw we’ve been enjoying the cheese. It’s not gone yet but won’t be long!

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