Restaurant review: Oasis Cafe


Restaurant review: Oasis Cafe on 500 East and 200 South in Salt Lake is a great spot for business lunches. I love the comfortable seating, free wifi in cafe area and healthy food to fuel my busy brain.


Product Review: Veggie Dumplings

veggie dumplings

Product Review: Veggie dumplings

Having quick to prep items is helpful for a healthy way to eat. Sometimes I just don’t have time, nor the desire to cook so I make sure to have options on hand. Veggie Dumplings are quick to cook by boiling for few minutes. To reduce calories, don’t pan fry in oil. Just serve hot after boiling with a small scoop of Sambal or Sriracha for a little spicy kick or drizzle of soy sauce. Great side dish or quick snack. Purchase at Asian food markets. In Utah, I found these at Ocean Mart in Sandy.

Product Review: Trader Joe’s Thai Vegetable Kao Soi

trader joes thai


Trader Joe’s Thai Vegetable Kao Soi.

While the coconut milk soup was tasty, the vegetables offered nothing. Perhaps cooked too long or the soup was too #flavorful, the veggies were soft and flavorless. There wasn’t nearly enough veggies or noodles to make this a full meal. For a quick freezer meal, I won’t be picking this one up again. Sorry, but back to the drawing board Trader Joes.

Recipe: Clementine Juice


Ever find yourself with too many clementines? Try this: I love clementines because they are flavorful and juicy, but more challenging to peel compared to their tangerine sisters. My body is craving vitamin C, so I juiced 11 clementines… which produced about 1 cup of juice. That’s a lot of work for 1 cup! But well worth the effort. Sweet tangy and packed with lovely vitamins. Besides peeling those little guys would’ve been a pain! Breakfast is served

Restaurant Review: Jason’s Deli


Jason’s Deli is a great option for #nutritarian meal. The salad bar has wide variety of ingredients. My salad today is loaded with beet succotash salad artichoke hearts carrot # tomato jalapeno peas bell pepper pepperoncini mixed greens, drizzle of balsamic vinegar with hummus on the side

Restaurant Review: Piper Down


Friday night + Irish food + friends = great time. Great meat lover options, but what else would you expect from an Irish Pub?! For veggies option, order burger with garden burger pattie and salad as side instead of french fries for healthy option. Servers do great job on busy Friday Night. Not the best place for vegan options, but at least they have some ways to customize dishes. Piper Down is known for their fish and chips, but the Reuben potato skins were the best! Great spot for date night and group parties, if you like loud bar scene.

Restaurant Review: Ginger’s Cafe – Raw Tacos

gingers raw tacos

Holy-divine-raw-tacos- Batman! Purple ‪cabbage ‬leaves piled high with all sorts of yumminess!‪ Sunflower‬ seed and sun-dried tomato spread topped with ‪‎avocado,‬ ‪corn,‬ ‪‎bell pepper,‬ ‪tomato‬. The ‪‎falafel‬ crackers were a nice added crunch. Great ‪‎dish‬!

Restaurant Review: Myung Ga Korean BBQ

myung ga korean bbq

Myung Ga Korean BBQ in West Valley City, Utah. Great spot for a ‪business lunch‬ meeting. Next to ‪‎Hale Center Theater‬ for‪ ‎date night‬ ‪dinner‬. Dishes are flavorful and service pretty quick. Great options for ‪‎meat lovers and ‪‎vegan‬. ‪‎Vegetable‬ ‪‎Tempura‬, appetizer‬‪ ‎tofu‬ ‪‎soup‬, ‎hotstone‬ ‪‎rice‬ with ‪veggies‬‪.

Restaurant Review: Omar’s Rawtopia

omars rawtopia

I finally made it to Omar’s Rawtopia in Salt Lake. If you’re looking for a‪ unique‬ ‪‎cuisine‬ ‪experience‬, check out‪ Omars Rawtopia‬ for sure! Previously even‪ ‎meatlovers‬ have told me how amazing the food is… and I totally ‪‎agree‬!
We enjoyed the ‪‎falafel‬ ‪‎salad‬, ‪sweet‬ ‪‎basil‬ salad with ‪‎bean‬ ‪burrito‬, and ‪‎creamy‬ ‪berry‬ ‪‎dessert‬. With every bite, it was seemingly a new dish with‪ ‎flavors‬ exploding into ‪‎aromatic‬ ‪#gardens‬ in our mouths. Details like gorgeous ‪‎plating‬ to ‪‎edible‬‪ flowers‬ makes for a really ‪‎beautiful‬ ‪‎eating‬ experience. Great spot for 2 people to eat together, as they mostly have ‪2 person seating‬ with their tiny ‪dining‬ room of only 10 tables. Service isn’t quick and dishes‬ are a little‪ expensive‬, but the #flavors are worth it, if you make the ‪time‬. Perfect for friends lunch out, business lunch, date night. I look forward to enjoying more of their raw and organic edible delights! In Sugar House, SLC, UT

Product Review: Udi’s Granola


One of the biggest changes for me around food was reading food labels. As you learn about what is added to food, you’ll realize how there’s a lot of additives, sweeteners, etc. added to our food. I look for as few #ingredients as possible and as natural as possible, of course! I found this yummy granola at Walmart, ironically! Few ingredients, great taste. I added soy milk and peach for a delicious and quick breakfast.